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Here are logos of Mathomatic, created on January 24, 2012. Copyright © 2012 George Gesslein II, but free to use for anything related to Mathomatic. Technically, they are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike. Just mentioning Mathomatic is attribution enough.

The resizable SVG

Resizable Mathomatic logo in Inkscape's SVG format

Note that the SVG version does not display in most browsers. Some convenient, previously created sizes follow in PNG format:

The largest and most complete PNG file (192×195 pixels)

Largest and most complete Mathomatic logo

A large perfect square (192×192 pixels)

Large, square Mathomatic logo.

A medium perfect square (128×128 pixels)

Medium, square Mathomatic logo.

Small perfect squares (good for icons)

64×64 pixels 32×32 pixels
Small, square Mathomatic logo. Very small, square Mathomatic logo.

Ultra-small and different (16×16 pixels; same as favicon.ico)

Smallest, square Mathomatic logo; same as favicon.ico

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