Thanks for all the help so far!

How you can further support the Mathomatic project:

  1. Link to "", using our logos.
  2. Send me a thank you email, so I know my work is appreciated.
  3. Stress test Mathomatic and report your findings.
  4. Report any bugs you come across or any questions you may have.
  5. Send me suggestions or code for better functionality or readability.
  6. Write a GNU GPL compatible free software GUI for Mathomatic.
  7. Accurately translate the Mathomatic documentation to another language other than English.
  8. Rewrite or tell the author about substandard sections of the Mathomatic documentation.
  9. Donate, to help pay our hosting bill and development costs, and discover our history.
  10. Click on a Google ad, to send a micropayment my way.

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