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Here you can download any version of the free source code, or the latest, free, compiled program binaries of the Mathomatic computer algebra system; both come with lots of documentation, and educational example/demo/tutorial/test scripts in the "tests" directory. No Internet connectivity is required after downloading.

For occasional use, or to first try the Mathomatic CAS online without downloading anything, requires only World Wide Web access. The Mathomatic binaries and online versions all come with built-in help and examples, just use the help (or ?) command. If you wonder what a command does or how to use it, use ?command-name, or help command-name.


Mathomatic was developed on a secure Linux computer, so it works the very best in that environment. The MS-Windows binary of Mathomatic found on this web page is cross-compiled from Ubuntu Linux and has had no contact with an MS-Windows computer, so it can't be infected, and my Macbook has been thoroughly scanned for viruses, so catching anything from the software on this web page is very unlikely. Just make sure you are downloading from or, those are our legitimate download sites. There are many places that distribute Mathomatic, but this Mathomatic website, which is the source of them all, is the safest place to get Mathomatic executables and source code.


All downloads are accompanied by an "md5 cryptographic checksum", which will verify the integrity of the download for free; the md5sum utility does that. Most package managers include Mathomatic too, if it feels safer, use that. The only problem being it might be an older version of Mathomatic.


The changelog for Mathomatic is in the file NEWS in changelog order, or changes.txt in chronological order. Older changelogs are listed on the history page.

Download the Mathomatic source code and documentation for all platforms:

Latest release tarball:
The bzip2 compressed, stable tarball (0.29 megabytes) of the latest source code and documentation release: version 16.0.5; download it, optionally verify it with the md5 checksum (the md5sum utility does that), then extract its contents into the current directory with the shell command: "tar xaf mathomatic-16.0.5.tar.bz2". "tar xaf" will extract the following tar file, with any compression, into the current directory. Please read the files README.txt and INSTALL.txt for compilation/installation instructions. This latest release tarball is also available at the Mathomatic mirror site:

Latest development source code:
The constantly changing (but usually working) development source code and documentation for Mathomatic in a compressed archive:, am.tgz, or am.tar.bz2, is also available at the mirror site:, am.tgz, or am.tar.bz2, and should always be exactly identical contents with the very latest changes. Please note that should always be extracted into an empty directory, because it dumps a lot of files and directories into the current directory. And also be careful extracting ZIP files under MS-Windows, because the last modification times are not preserved by the standard Windows ZIP extract function. This will confuse the "make" utility. A ZIP program other than the standard MS-Windows program is recommended for compiling the source code.

Supported archictectures and currently used C compilers:
Mathomatic compiles correctly for any computer architecture, including 16, 32, and 64-bit word size CPUs. Any GNU system can properly compile, install, and run Mathomatic with no changes made to the makefile or source code. Here is a screenshot of Mathomatic being compiled under Debian with the Tiny C Compiler (tcc), with the command line "CC=tcc CFLAGS=-Wall make READLINE=1" and no other changes. gcc is the standard C compiler used to compile Mathomatic, the resulting code runs twice as fast as tcc.

Current documentation:
Download the official Mathomatic User Guide and Command Reference, Unix/Linux man pages for Mathomatic, and Quick Reference Card or sheet in PDF format, for easy saving, printing, or perusing.

The Mathomatic archives:
Previous and current official source and documentation releases are archived with md5 checksums at and the mirror site These archives are a good place to check for new releases, by checking for an increase in the highest version number listed there. And they are also a good place to get the latest release tarball with md5 checksum; the checksum makes sure it is the same file uploaded by the maintainer. Files put in these Mathomatic archives should never change nor be deleted.

A C compiler is not required to run the following free Mathomatic binaries:

There is no need to download anything to access Mathomatic online for free:

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