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Mathomatic is a completely original work and design, and has been under continual development since 1986 by me: George Gesslein II, with help from the Internet community. I am happy to support this project and will do my best to answer any and all questions about it for free; however, I cannot provide warranty protections for this software, since I am doing all of this labor at a loss. Feedback and bug reports are very welcome, appreciated, and important too, and will allow me to make Mathomatic a better product. I have enjoyed working on Mathomatic and helping Mathomatic users.

Here is how you can help with Mathomatic. To donate money to help pay our development and hosting bill, and to encourage future development of Mathomatic, please mail a check or money order in U.S. dollars, payable to:

George Gesslein II
P.O. Box 224
Lansing, New York 14882-0224

or you can donate electronically through PayPal (money), Flattr or clicking on Google ads (micropayments), or Amazon (gifts):

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I ordered a new development computer for Mathomatic in July 2011 that cost me over $1000, since the HP Pavilion Linux desktop I was using quit running. The new computer is a high-end Linux desktop from System76. Here is my short review of it. Donations to help me pay for this fine piece of equipment will be greatly appreciated. I have made tons of important improvements to Mathomatic on it already. That and an old Macbook are my only two working computers.

Current working email addresses for George Gesslein II:

Emails are always welcome and I respectfully reply to each and every email I get. If you have sent me email and I didn't respond, it is because my email is not working. Please try my other email address or post a comment on the Mathomatic home page. If you have made a donation to the Mathomatic project, feel free to post a comment about it that will remain as long as you wish, perhaps telling the reason you donated to the Mathomatic project. Or email me where and how you would like your name and info listed.

To donate services or patches to the Mathomatic project, please send me an email to discuss it. Mathomatic desperately needs a GNU GPL compatible free software GUI, but I am unable to write that because I am currently battling thymic cancer and lack of energy, so any help with keeping Mathomatic (and me) alive is appreciated. My thanks go to everyone who has contributed to the Mathomatic code base, packaging, testing, etc. Mathomatic would not be possible without you.

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CPU topology of my Linux desktop
Graphic of the CPU and cache topology of my 64-bit
Linux software development desktop from System76.

History of Mathomatic

Mathomatic development started in the year 1986 to test new ideas and as an experiment in computerized mathematics, originally using the Microsoft C compiler for DOS and my own hand-written text editor (called J or George) written in C as the only development tools. Versions 1 and 2 were published by Dynacomp of Rochester, New York in 1987 and 1988 as a scientific software product. Afterwards it was released as shareware and then emailware, with a 2D equation graphing program written in Microsoft C for DOS. At the turn of the century, Mathomatic was ported to the GNU C Compiler (gcc) under Linux and became free and open source software by publishing under the GNU Lesser General Public License. The graphing program was discontinued; 2D/3D graphing of equations is now accomplished with gnuplot.

Mathomatic is currently developed and maintained on a Linux x86-64-bit computer and now stands at 23,000 lines of code (including comments). There is a lot more work that can be done on it, I just need to feel well enough to do it. My original console-mode, hand-written text editor (called J) is still in use, making repetitive source changes easy.

The old Mathomatic changelogs have been reconstructed and are available here in chronological order:

All of the above Mathomatic changelogs were written by George Gesslein II. There is a large gap between versions 11.4d and 12.4.0 because I have lost the archives containing those versions. All other versions are recorded uninterrupted.

Mathomatic has been twice ported to the Nintendo DS by others in the year 2006. Here is a picture of the Nintendo DSLinux port.

Mathomatic for DOS

Here I am making available the final DOS version 10.7b of Mathomatic with Microsoft C source code, for historical purposes, so you can see how far Mathomatic has progressed recently. It was released before October 29, 2003. It even runs under Windows 7!

The above ZIP archive of Mathomatic for DOS also contains the final versions of the Mathomatic 2D equation graphing program (GRAPH) and Personal Harmonograph Simulator (PHS) for DOS, which are small, automatically artistic, graphics programs. GRAPH was the Mathomatic graph command; it plots equations with their asymptotes. PHS simulates a museum harmonograph, drawing pretty circular patterns that you can control. PHS is courtesy of the Ithaca Sciencenter, which had me write a science museum version of this program called "Harmos". All of these programs will run under Windows too, though not perfectly.

History of George Gesslein II

A recent picture of me. A recent picture of my dual display Linux desktop.

My life was spent alone in Lansing and Groton, New York (which are near the city of Ithaca, New York), trying to learn and understand and be and do good. I suffered constantly. Here is my resume.

I am mostly self-taught, so that I would get most lessons right, with complete understanding to my satisfaction. I am very confused by some of the things that go on here on planet Earth, though.

My motto:

Good programming requires plenty of thoughtfulness, open-mindedness, critical thinking, and many kinds of verification. I recommend it highly, even as just a hobby. This is a good path to education and a better mind and character.

I indent my C code according to the BSD standard. I think that is very beautiful to me. I also make sure every file and function starts out with at least one comment.

Other utilities by me

mycmp is a binary file comparison command-line utility that compares any number of files specified on the command-line, displaying and optionally hard linking together identical files. This is the binary file comparison utility I use. It displays some useful statistics and is free software.

Hosting is currently mostly hosted on of New York City, with some generously donated hosting from All of is exactly duplicated on the mirror site, which is a Debian Linux based web server, donated by Jochen Plumeyer. Both hosting services have been very professional, reliable, and helpful. and simply redirect to now.

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