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If c2 = a2 + b2, then what do a, b, and c equal? Mathomatic is a colorful algebra calculator that can automatically solve, simplify, and calculate mathematical formulas with many variables, etc.

Expressions and equations are entered in standard algebraic notation by typing, pasting, piping, or reading them in. Operations are performed on them by entering simple English commands. Equations are quickly solved for any variable by typing the name of the variable to solve for at the main prompt, or by using the solve command. The result can then be simplified by typing "simplify", which runs the simplify command on the current or specified equation(s). repeat simplify repeatedly runs the simplify command until the formula no longer gets smaller. Values can be temporarily plugged into the formula, and the result approximated and simplified, by entering the calculate or "repeat replace" commands. Sequential values can be plugging in with the for command.

Mathomatic can symbolically:

The mathematical results should always be correct, simple, and beautiful; if not, please report them to the developers.

This software is designed to be as easy to learn and use as possible, and as such, has no programming capability. It implements all of the standard rules of algebra for symbolic addition (+), subtraction (), multiplication (*), division (/), modulus (%), and exponentiation (^ or **, including roots). The numeric arithmetic is double precision floating point with about 14 decimal digits accuracy. Many results will be exact, because symbolic math is an exact math, and because multiple floating point numbers can be combined for a single mathematical value; for example: 2^(1/3), which is the cube root of 2 exactly.

It is hoped that Mathomatic will be educational and show the true, perfect beauty that is algebra and conventional mathematics, and be a reliable calculating tool, too.

Currently Mathomatic is only available in English. All documentation included with Mathomatic is in English and copylefted with the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3, so it can be easily published, corrected, and translated by anyone. Translations are welcome and might be included with the main distribution, if the authors wish.

Not currently implemented in Mathomatic are a GUI, general functions like f(x), the symbolic logarithm function, arbitrary-precision and interval arithmetic, and matrices; these capabilities are available in a full-featured CAS like Maxima.


Here are some commented examples of Mathomatic sessions, with the total run-time displayed at the end. As you will see, Mathomatic runs most things instantaneously and is very efficient.

Free screenshots of Mathomatic running in various terminal emulators under common operating systems


Mathomatic is certified free and open source software, described in Wikipedia, and supported via Launchpad.net and email. Logos are available.

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