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Mathomatic logo Mathomatic is a portable, command-line, educational CAS and calculator software, written entirely in the C programming language. It is Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), published under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL version 2.1), and has been under continual development since 1986. The software can symbolically solve, simplify, combine, and compare algebraic equations, simultaneously performing generalized standard, complex number, modular, and polynomial arithmetic, as needed. It does some calculus and is very easy to compile/install, learn, and use.

The Mathomatic software consists of both a text-mode symbolic math application, and a symbolic math library, each suitable for desktops, servers, and mobile and embedded computer devices. It compiles and runs under any operating system with a C compiler, including Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and MS-Windows (using MinGW or CygWin; MinGW works better and is standalone). An operating system is not required for running the Symbolic Math Library, which is Mathomatic's symbolic math engine, and there are no dependencies other than the standard C libraries. Other programming languages able to link to C libraries should should have no problem using Mathomatic's symbolic math engine, as long as reentrancy is not required.

This is the official Mathomatic website, where you can download any version of Mathomatic, read the documentation, learn by example, and contribute or get free support.

The current version number is "16.0.5", released on October 21, 2012; you can try it online, download it, or view the often changing changelog.

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The Freecode project page for Mathomatic offers email subscriptions to new release notifications and descriptions.

October 13, 2012:

I have switched to Debian Wheezy, testing, with release candidate 7.0 Beta 2 of the installer (, it is a terrible mess. I am trying to fix it up, way too many bugs to report. I am sad. The new Gnome 3 desktop manager should be dumped. I hope I can switch to the XFCE or LXDE desktop managers soon, just by a few magical, Debian commands. Don't get me wrong, I still love Debian, and hope I can use it as my main operating system on my main (and only) Linux Desktop!

September 25, 2012:

Some major bugs found today with the readline library; I am really starting to not like it nor its license. There is a lot of bloat with readline, too. From now on Mathomatic does not set the alarm (SIGALRM) nor hangup (SIGHUP) handlers, because it crashes the entire shell window when readline is compiled in and an alarm or hangup signal happens. Works acceptably now, it just quits when time is up, saying "Alarm clock". The same thing happens for SIGHUP, except it just says "Hangup" and quits. These bug fixes are available in the development version and will be in the next release, and do not affect the non-readline versions like the editline version, though the handlers are still removed, for safety's sake.

September 15, 2012:

Mathomatic version 16.0.4 uploaded to the Debian experimental repository. Nothing really experimental about it, it just uses the drop-in replacement "editline" instead of "readline" to fix a reported licensing bug, and contains all the latest improvements. The Wheezy freeze is on, so it has to go into experimental, until the freeze is over. I think it is almost certain to work great like a symbolic calculator should! What do you think?

Thanks again Sandro for uploading Mathomatic!

August 30, 2012:

I have verified the latest Mathomatic changes, using only a glass of iced tea, a night of good sleep (I don't sleep well on chemotherapy), and a day of hard work, and will be making a new release soon.

August 28, 2012:

I want to thank God and those around me for making me a happy person sometimes and helping me fix Mathomatic up super nice, like we did today (see changelog). And I always seem to say the wrong things, but everyone is forgiving, thank you. Here is the entry in the changelog:

08/28/12 - Made "integer" type variables much more useful.  For example,
           the following now happens generally:

1-> i^(4*integer)
#1: i^(4*integer)
1-> simplify
#1: 1
1-> i^((4*integer) + 1)
#2: i^((4*integer) + 1)
2-> simplify
#2: i
2-> i^((4*integer) + 2)
#3: i^((4*integer) + 2)
3-> simplify
#3: -1
3-> i^((4*integer) + 3)
#4: i^((4*integer) + 3)
4-> simplify
#4: -1*i

August 21, 2012:

Try the new Mathomatic read command! It defaults to listing the current directory, and reading a directory changes the current working directory to that directory. All of this seems better than just giving an error message, like it used to.

July 17, 2012:

Manual equation solving is now easily done, for educational and proof purposes. See the changelog and this derivation of the quadratic formula for examples. Any identical operation, except for factorial, can be done to both sides of an equation now, using the syntax: "operator=expression" on the current equation. It will apply the expression, using the operator, to the end of both equation sides, just that one time. If the current expression is only a non-equation, it will only apply to the one side.

July 2, 2012:

Good news! Mathomatic for Android version 1.1 was released on Google's Android Market today, brought to you by Victoria Family Robotics. Mathomatic for Android does everything the free version 16.0.0 m4 Mathomatic application can do, plus it has a GUI with X-Y equation plotting and menus, and has lots of options that are automatically saved between sessions. It will search the web for equations, share equations, and has built-in help and a menu of many interesting examples and tests. All in addition to complete Mathomatic version 16.0.0 Symbolic Math Library functionality. Enjoy, and please give feedback by rating it or writing a review, if you would like to help out. The upgrade is free of charge to those that purchased version 1.0.

June 22, 2012:

Today the plot command was fixed to work in MS-Windows and to ask questions when needed, so that it can easily plot multiple expressions with the latest version of gnuplot. Just install gnuplot for Windows properly. Be sure to include the gnuplot application in your executable search path, by checking the correct check box while installing gnuplot.

June 14, 2012:

I am excited about a lot of changes and fixes to the Mathomatic application and its library for easier use and reliability, with more features, too. I will test them for two weeks, and make a release then, unless I make even more changes to test.

You can always get these nice tweaks immediately by compiling the development source code. Feedback is greatly wished for and would help a lot.

May 17, 2012:

Today I created a new web page full of the new Mathomatic logo. Feel free to use these logos/icons for anything related to Mathomatic or for linking to this website.

April 29, 2012:

Last night I released a new stable release of Mathomatic version 15.8.3, thanks to all the good feedback and good bug reports I have been getting, thank you everybody! The latest release seems good, except today I was adding trigonometry identity tests to make sure they are being simplified to identities properly. I discovered "solve 0" no longer works:

1−> a=b

#1: a = b

1−> solve 0
Invalid equation number.
Warning: No equations to solve.
1−> solve for 0

#1: 0 = b − a


thanks to the new ability to solve multiple equations at once with a single solve command, it is expecting an equation-number-range. So use "solve for 0" for now; I will fix that and possibly add a verify option in the near future, that will verify the equation is an identity automatically when using "solve verify 0". Progress today, I think, because all the trig identity tests I added today passed perfectly in the current release!

Update: The "solve 0" and "solve verify 0" bugs were fixed within 24 hours of finding the problem. Unfortunately, your operating system's package manager might not be getting the fix for a long time. A Debian feature freeze starts on June 30th. So compile from source here, use the experimental repository, or use "solve for 0" instead of "solve 0", if you need to solve for zero.

February 15, 2012:

Recently created, published, and looking for reviews is Mathomatic for Android, brought to you by the same people that developed Robot Command. Mathomatic for Android is only $1.99, and does everything the free m4 Mathomatic application can do, plus it has a GUI with even nicer plotting. If you have an Android, check this out, it is available on the Android Market by Google.

So far, Mathomatic for Android looks very slick and usable for the initial version 1.0! It is the best programming job I have seen in my lifetime! Thanks go out to all of our hard working programmers, who must get every line of code 100% correct, or the program will not work.

August 7, 2011:

Mathomatic version 15.6.3 was accepted into Debian unstable today. I am a Debian Maintainer now!

…Please see the changelog for details on the above changes, or click on the following download button to see Mathomatic do its best on your computer:

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Thank you for your interest in Mathomatic! We hope it has become worthy of your time.

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Of Devotion and Thanks:

Many thanks to Jochen Plumeyer for generously donating quality server space (for the Mathomatic mirror site) and professional services (so Mathomatic may be used online).

And thanks to my parents for always keeping me alive and well as can be, and providing necessities and helping with chores so I can have the free time to devote to free software and free information.

And thanks to my former chemo nurse Beverly for emailing me everyday with helpful and friendly information, and sticking with me for 4 years while I get chemo treatments and deal with the problems associated with them. She showed me how to be happy and make others happy.

And thanks to my friend Patricia Longaker who has also encouraged and visited me through these hard times. If you are thinking of moving near to Ithaca, New York, she can help you find a nice house, because she is a licensed real estate broker with lots of experience:

Patricia L. Longaker
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